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• 8/3/2016

Pixiegirl and her world

So what will Pixiegirl be doing in NY? We all know that the sorcerer boy will be fighting witches but Pixiegirl? Will she fight evil? Any particular theme like fighting for childhood dreams, destroying villains that cause nightmares? This is just my thought.

I am really looking forward watching Pixiegirl on TV and possibly seeing more characters like Melodie and Mime boy who I think would be in the series. I hope.

So what do you guys think this show would be about? Any ideas on show concept and characters?

(No link with Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir please)

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• 8/3/2016

Looking at the characters it looks like it's going to be something to do with Magic as we have witches, ghost, and gargoyles. Hogwarts but in the city setting eh? So Pixiegirl's powers could be on pixie dust?

So looking forward to this. Aren't you?

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